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One-stop services of designing

Set-up and fabricating of global exhibitions

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Why choose us?

Easy Designer delves into one-stop offline brand promotion service

  • Innovative thinking

    Innovative thinking

    Easy Designer is persistent in innovation of design and technologies.
    Our international teams, with diverse cultures and expertise in different industries, keep up with the times, and lower producing cost by dint of innovative design.
    We continue embracing and using new technologies and materials to endow a corporate image with greater pulling strength.

  • Global exhibition service network

    Global exhibition service network

    Our professional teams, distributed in nearly 40 cities around the world, are ready to meet clients’ demands anytime.
    We overcome time and cultural differences to make communication easy.
    We let clients experience world-class design and producing and enjoy local competitive pricing and one-stop services

  • Double commitment

    Double commitment

    Easy Designer holds fast to the double commitment of services and quality Punctilious implementation is the guarantee of high quality; meticulousness is the tenet of services. Our ultimate goal is win-win cooperation, instead of project cooperation, which is merely the beginning.

  • Risk control

    Risk control

    Easy Designer has a sound risk control system, which secures every link from design to implementation.

  • Aptitude honor


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Easy Designer delves into one-stop offline brand promotion service

+ Global temporary exhibitions | + Exhibition hall design | + Business space design | + Planning and implementation of PR campaigns | + Interactive marketing | + Brand image design

About us

Founded in 1992, Easy Designer provides customized solutions that integrate comprehensive, multi-dimensional marketing services for exhibition/display, PR events, visual identity design, and website development. Based on years of business practice, Easy Designer maintains a well-established service network, and the distinct ability to implement large exhibition and PR projects.

Easy Designer insists on design and cost innovations. Our professional teams are available in nearly 40 cities all over the world. We have built a global network of exhibition services and brand communication. Our modern production facilities located all around the world (with a combined area of more than 70,000 ㎡), and our international team characterized by diverse cultures and expertise in operations of different industries, ensure that we can deliver high-quality services and products to clients precisely and timely.



近来不断有企业参展被蒙骗的报道见于报端,给企业造成不小的损失。某些展览会动辄冠以“全国”、“中国”、“国际”等桂冠为幌子,造成参展商和参观商无所适从,在一定程度上欺骗了参展商和参观商。参加没有效果的展览会,不仅让企业浪费了财力和精力,更主要的是可能丧失另外一个更好的贸易良机。那么,企业如何选择参加展览会呢? [...]


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Distributed in nearly 40 cities around the world, are ready to meet clients’ demands anytime

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